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Virtual tour : Trek from Dharamshala to Chamba Valley over Inderhara Pass (05/09 JUNE 2014)

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   05 June - On the way to trund 


05 June - Reached Triund, now time for a little snack!


05 June - Relaxing after first day trek.


 05 June- Admiring the view at first night camp.


06 June- Ready for the second day of trek.


06 June- You have to cross the mountain ahead.


06 June- Rest a while 


06 June- After crossing the laka glacier the accent to the next camp is steep.


06 June- Time for click.

07 June- You leave early morning in order to reach pass in time.


07 June- It took seven hours to reach the pass after walking on snow and ice.


07 June-  Time for a group photo after crossing the pass.


07 June- The group posing just after crossing the Inderhara pass


07 June- From the pass you see high peeks of centeral himalaya.


07 June- relaxing after crossing the pass.


07 June- Looking back at Inderhara pass while going down towards Chamba valley.


07 June- Relaxing on the way to the next camp at chatta parao.


07 June- Camp at Chatta Parao after crossing the pass.


07 June- You descend down the whole slope to camp at this place.


08 June- Fourth day you still have to walk on the glacier to reach the first village in Chamba valley.


08 June- Keep walking down on the glacier.


08 June- Dead Himalayan Thar that was sweapt away by an avalache.


08 June- waterfall on the way.


08 June- Rest for a while after crossing the glacier.


08 June- Approaching the village.


08 June- Taking a moment to admire the awe-inspiring view.


08 June- Reached the village.

08 June- Visiting a local temple at Kuarsi village. 


09 June- Walking through the tribal village of Kuarsi.


09 June- Very traditional houses of kuarsi village.


09 June- Walking through the village.


09 June- walking through Kuarsi village. 


09 June- Last day of the trek- a narrow trail is cut through a hill side.


09 June- walking through a narrow trail cut through a hill side.


09 June - Nagotiating the narrow rocky trail.


09 June- Looking back at the village on top of the hill.


09 June- clicking pictures of the village left behind.

09 June- More narrow rocky trail to be covered.


09 June- Covering the last bit of the trek.


09 June- Getting close to the nearest road head in Chamba Valley.


09 June- Almost there!


09 June - At the road head - Car is waiting for you to drive to Chamba.


09 June- Reached the guest house in Chamba - End of the trek.





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